XO Sails Fly 7.8

XO Sails Fly 7.8
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The Fly has been developed specifically for the needs of windfoil practice. Its lightness... mehr
Produktinformationen "XO Sails Fly 7.8"
The Fly has been developed specifically for the needs of windfoil practice.

Its lightness and flexibility in pumping make it extremely quick to take off. Its tapered drop and marked dip make it ultra stable in flight, for performance and first-rate performance.
Very versatile, is also very efficient in Freeride-Freeace use on classic board (With Aileron).

? Foil sailing, Freeride windsurfing
? Dedicated foil sail, convertible to freeride slalom windsurfing
? Tight leach in the head to optimise foiling time in light wind
? Added shape in the head will allowed proper downhaul tension without having sail twisting in the head
? Powerfull & stable
? Adapted shape for foiling

Size (m2) Boom (cm) Luff (cm) Recommended Mast Battens Cambers Head
5,5 185-187 421-423 RX 400/100 7 3 Fixed
6,6 207-209 447-449 RX 430/100
7 3 Fixed
7,8 229-231 485-449 RX 460/100
7 3 Fixed
8,6 236-239 498-500 RX 490/100
7 3 Fixed

? Kevlar mast pannel to lock the shape
? Strap tensioner on the outhaul
? Head PVC protection
? PVC batten end protector
? PVC anti-rubbing strip on lower batten pocket
? Velcro scratch on mast protector for easy access
? Triple stainless steel down haul
? Thermoform mast protector

? Monofilm sail
? Kevlar mast panel & reinforcement

The FLY sails are ideal with Constant Curve masts, because of the increased luft curve in the head.

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